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Pay Per Call 101: A Guide for Beginners

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Pay Per Call, Explained

Pay Per Call marketing is a time-testing marketing approach that takes advantage of something the vast majority of the American populace has access to: a phone. 

Millions of smartphone users are just a call away from becoming a devoted consumer. Learn how to harness the power of a phone call today.

What You'll Learn

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What Pay Per Call actually is and how it differs from other types of advertising models such as Pay Per Click and CPM.

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How Pay Per Call works for brands and businesses to increase traffic volume and in turn boost sales.

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History of Pay Per Call marketing and where you've already seen it in action in real life.

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How to launch a Pay Per Call ad campaign, target the right consumers, and get consumers to take action.

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Why this is a must-have strategy in your marketing arsenal to promote products and services. 

E.g. marketing agency, franchise owner, media buyer

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